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There are many different cause of this problem, and the treatment of swollen neck glands depends exactly on the cause. This problem may attack children and adults, but it seems to prefer children. The human system has a lymphatic system, which is where the lymph glands or nodes are located. Armpits, head, groin, chin and neck are locations where lymph glands are located and these glands are very important since they manufacture macrophages and antibodies that fight with attacking harmful items.


Infection is the most common cause of the swollen neck glands, and it is described as a multiplication of the white cells in the lymph nodes. There are two types of infection, and those are viral and bacterial. The infections such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, throat infections, strep throat and common cold are common causes of the swollen neck glands. One of the causes that inflict great pain is the cancer of the throat, larynx and the mouth. Also, some problems with the teeth can lead to the swelling of the neck glands. Those are dental infection, cavities, gum disease, and others. The thyroid glands can become swollen due to a problem called goiter, which happens when there is a deficiency of iron in the human body. Some metabolic disease, allergies and hyperthyroidism can also cause the swelling of the neck glands.


In order to cure the problem, we have to treat and cure the cause of the problem. Antibiotics are given if the problem has been caused by the bacterial infection since they will eliminate the symptoms and the cause. Time is needed for the viral infection to be cured, and although medications are not needed in these cases, they may be used if the doctor thinks they are required. Iodine and inflammation of the thyroid glands can be cured with the use of some medications, but the diagnosis is crucial for treatment.

There are some home remedies that can give you some relief from the problem, or they may be used along with the medical treatment. It is important to increase the blood circulation and this can be done with some massaging of the swollen lymph nodes. Also, you can consume ginger tea or juice, since it has anti-inflammatory abilities and it will reduce the swelling and inflammations. Apply washcloth soaked in warm water to the swollen glands and the pain and inflammation will be decreased. These remedies can help, but if the problem becomes great, visit the doctor.

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