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The Hymen

The hymen is a membrane placed in the vagina. It consists of fibrous and elastic tissue and it only partially covers the introitus of the vagina. In young women the vascularisation of the hymen is very good. In menopausal women this membrane is very thin due to process of the aging. The actual function of the hymen has not been explained yet. Some scientists believe that it actually protects young girls from infections. Since the closure of the introitus of vagina is not complete menstrual blood can be released without any problems.

In many cultures and religions the social importance of the hymen is amazing. Women are supposed to stay intact prior the marriage. During the first sexual intercourse the hymen ruptures and a woman bleeds. The amount of blood varies a lot and some women may experience pain. The presence of the blood on the sheets confirms that a woman has been intact prior the marriage. In case that woman has had sexual intercourse prior the marriage she will not bleed during the first wedding night. This is why some women undergo hymen restoration. This operation has become very popular during recent years.

Restoration of the Hymen

Virginity restoration can be done by several surgical procedures including hymenoplasty, hymenorrhaphy or restoration of the hymenal ring. This way the hymen can be restored and the woman is a new born virgin.

Women who want to undergo the procedure of hymen restoration are sometimes embarrassed but they eventually turn to surgeons with a problem. They eventually decide for the surgical repair having no other options.

A simple repair can be easily performed by closing the tear with the remnants of hymen. This can be done in patients who have remnants of hymen. The hymen will grow back during the process of healing. After the surgical repair a woman may experience tightening of the vagina walls. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. A simple repair needs to be done at least 7 days prior the wedding.

Alloplants are biomaterials that are used for transplantation. They can be used in repair of the hymen. The restoration is only temporary and is performed in many cultures prior the marriage.

Reconstruction of the hymen is done in women with insufficient remnants of the hymen. This surgical repair is performed under local anesthesia and the stitches are dissolvable.

Basically, all the patients are satisfied with the results. There is no risk or severe complications connected to the surgery.

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