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Advantages to Surgery

Some professionals like VincentWoo from the Canadian Diabetes Association states that this surgery can be beneficialfor Type 2 diabetes patients because of the resulting glucose level improvementproduced through the various methods of gastro modification surgery. There have been many studies associated with Type2 diabetes and gastro modification demonstrating a decrease in diabeticsymptoms in up to 86% of patients, while up to 75% experienced full recovery. However, there are no studies available thatdocument long-term post surgery Type 2 symptoms, so no determination can bemade if such surgeries offer a permanent cure for the disease.

Who is a Candidate for GastroModification Surgery

According to GeraldBernstein, former president of the American Diabetes Association, thecause of the obesity cannot be removed through surgery. He asserts that patients must pay attentionto their physical activity level and diet and any candidate for such aprocedure must exhaust all other treatment options. Only when all other options proveineffective, should such a procedure take place will. However, once performed, gastro modificationsurgery can help to eliminate the risks involved with obesity, such as heartdisease, hypertension and sleep apnea.

The Disadvantages

There are cases in which the livesof the patients haven't changed and their weight hasn't been reduced. Sideeffects include diarrhea, hypoglycemic reactions (sugar dumping) and muscleatrophy. Additionally, patients canexperience deficiencies in iron, vitamins and enzymes normally produced and /or absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. A decision to undergo gastro modification surgery should not be madelightly. A lifestyle change is required,but if undertaken under the guidance of a medical specialist, the benefits canfar outweigh the risks.

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