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Blurred vision

The healthy eyes are very important toevery person. Without vision, it would be very difficult to perform any activity.Therefore, when any eye disorder appears, it is highly recommended to take it seriouslyand treat it on time. Sometimes, eye disorders may refer to the eye disease, but eye disorder may also be just a symptom for some other serious healthcondition. One of the eye disorders is blurred vision, which actually refers to the condition when the sharpness of the eyesight is not normalas usual. The people who suffer from blurred vision cannot see the minute detailsof the objects that are around them. Blurred vision can appear suddenly. Onthe other side, blurred vision may develop gradually.

Causes of sudden blurred vision

Blurriness of the vision may becaused by several reasons. Sudden blurred vision may appear because of aging oran injury to the eyes. Certain eye diseases, as well as several other health conditionsmay lead to the occurrence of this condition.

One of the causes for the suddenblurred vision is an eye infection. Even a minor eye infection, such as pinkeye may induce blurriness of the vision. When an infection in the eyes occurs, themucus tends to form inside the eyes. When the person with the eye infectionblinks, he/she may wipe the mucus over the cornea and thus blurred visionappears. With the next blinking, the cornea is cleaned and blurred visiondisappears.Another cause of sudden blurred visionis retinal detachment. The people withthis condition usually experience dark shadows at the end of the visual fieldthat tend to cover gradually the central part of the vision. Furthermore, floatersor moving tiny particles in front of the eyes and sudden flashes of light infront of the eyes may also appear when retinal detachment is in the question.Sudden blurred vision may appear dueto a serious eye disease called glaucoma, which can cause permanent damage tothe optic nerve. The blindness is the most serious consequence of this eyedisease. The most common symptoms of glaucoma, apart from the sudden blurredvision, are severe pain in the eyes, reddening of the eyes and improper nightvision.The people who suffer from diabetes are prone to develop retinal inflammation. Dueto this inflammation, bleeding inside the retina occurs and causes sudden blurredvision.

Other health conditions may beresponsible for the occurrence of sudden blurred vision, such as a stroke,migraine and hypertension.

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