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Blurred vision causes

A lot of disorders can cause eye problems like blurred vision, halos, blind spots and floaters. A person who is having problems spotting little details and blind spots which are called scotomas is considered to be suffering from blurred vision. A person who experiences blurred vision, halos around lights or some other problem with his or her vision should go to the eye doctor so that he or she can give a professional opinion on the matter. These disorders can be caused by some disease like diabetes for instance or it can occur because of simple aging or an eye injury. A person should never neglect problems with his or her vision because it can only get worse. It is also good to know that opticians only sell glasses while optometrists do a proper eye exam. Ophthalmologists will diagnose and cure any eye disease.

Common causes of blurred vision

Blurred vision may occur because of lots of factors like presbyopia, or simply because a person is having trouble with focusing on objects which are not far. However, this happens mostly to older people. Another cause that is not uncommon are cataracts. People who suffer from it have problems with night vision, halos around lights and some other difficulties. This also happens mostly to the elderly. Glaucoma is known to cause blurred vision as well and it is one of the major causes of blindness. Glaucoma can happen gradually or it can strike suddenly and when it does, a person should go straight to the emergency room. One more thing that causes blindness a lot is diabetic retinopathy which is a complication of diabetes which can end up in bleeding into the retina. Macular degeneration can also cause blindness but it happens to people who are older than 60. It manifests itself in blurred vision, distorted vision and colors appearing faded. Inflammation, injury and eye infections are well known causes of blurred vision as well. These are only some of the causes of blurred vision.

Home care for blurred vision

The first action a person should when he or she is having problems with eye vision is safety measures. People who are experiencing either partial or complete blindness in either on or both eyes should contact a doctor straight away. In fact, a person should contact a doctor if he or she experiences any vision problems. An eye that is red and causes pain is another reason for a person to go to the emergency room.

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