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Stomach flu can be a very uncomfortable condition. Since it is caused by viruses, the best way to deal with it is to wait until it goes away. However, there are certain things one can do to speed up the recovery and alleviate the symptoms.


In order to be able to fight the illness and to heal, human body needs time and rest. Some people try to walk it off, but it can aggravate the symptoms and make the illness even worse. The gastrointestinal system also needs rest, which means that in case of severe vomiting it is best to not eat or drink anything, not even water, for a few hours. It is allowed to rinse the mouth with some water but it should not be ingested.

What to eat and how to eat?

After the first few hours of not eating and drinking anything, it is time to start sipping water, but slowly and carefully. Drinking great amounts of water can upset the stomach even worse. Tea, ginger ale and fruit gelatin are also allowed but with moderation, because excessive sugar can irritate the stomach.

During the first day it is best to eat just dry toast and saltines. After that, other foods can be gradually added but with caution. Dairy products and fat foods should be avoided for the next seven to ten days.

Some swear by saltines and soda pop while others eat nothing but boiled rice and chicken broth. General rule is- the blander, the better. Everything non-challenging for the stomach will work fine. Raw vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products and greasy food should be left on hold for a while. Fluids

Since stomach flu causes diarrhea and vomiting, it is extremely important to prevent dehydration. It is best to drink clear beverages, like water, light tea, soda pop, chicken broth, and apple juice. The key is to sip the drink.

Many people say that soda pop is one of the best cures for stomach flu but there is no general consensus on which is better, flat or bubbly. It is likely that both work fine if taken moderately.

Coffee is not recommended for stomach flu because it can irritate and because it is a diuretic, which can aggravate dehydration.

Drinking plenty of fluids to wash away the virus, or staying dry to starve it, is not a good idea.

Medication should be taken only according to doctor’s recommendations. Usually, the medications used for stomach flu are those for relieving a headache and for stopping the diarrhea.

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