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Many women when they become pregnant get obsessed with learning everything they need to know and even about things they don’t need to know. The internet provides them with so many resources for learning about the development process of the fetus in the womb over the nine months. The fetus first begins as one cell which is known as a zygote and this will multiply which then makes a mass of cells. The organs then start to manifest, however, the brain as well as the lungs are the final organs to be made. Many people will say the brain is the most interesting of all organs in the human body, everything we do starts in the brain.

The Baby Brain Development in the Womb

Zygote Formation basically refers to the point where the sperm from the man goes on its path into the female’s vagina in which it will travel up the cervix and into the fallopian tubes. Here the sperm convenes with the egg and enters into it, and this is what is known now as the zygote. At this stage of the development process the zygote has all essential genetic information. The zygote will take the next three days or so trekking through the fallopian tube, and at the same time it will be splitting into additional cells and making a sphere of cells. Once the zygote reaches the destination of the uterus, it fastens itself to the wall of the uterus. This is the stage where a pregnancy is spoken about as being two weeks into the pregnancy because it is calculated from the date of the woman’s last period, in addition, nine months and seven days. Now it will be called a different name, the embryo. This is the time where the placenta begins to build up.

Development Stages of the Baby Brain- Week 3 to 8

The brain of the fetus as well as the spinal cord will start to develop in the third week following conception which is actually the fifth week of the pregnancy. By the fourth week the brain will have been divided into three compartments. In the fifth week the brain will be in function and between weeks six and eight the left and the right hemispheres will be made.

Development Stages of the Baby Brain- Week 10 Onwards

Once the tenth week comes around the brain is developing over 250,000 neurons every minute. By the time the baby is born the brain is about a third of the size of an adult brain.

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