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Every man in the world fears that he might suffer from low sperm count, especially men who wish to start a family. People who wonder how low sperm count is identified should know that it is done by a semen analysis. According to the doctors, a normal sperm count is more than 40 million motile sperm in the ejaculate. A person who has less than 40 million might experience certain problem if he wishes to make the wife pregnant.

People should also know that there are a lot of causes that may lead to low sperm count. However, people should also know that there are things that will increase the sperm count.

Causes of low sperm countVaricoceles

If a person is diagnosed with varicoceles, that means that he is suffering from dilated veins in the scrotum. The main reason why the veins are dilated is because the blood does not drain the way it should from them. Due to the fact that the veins are dilated, extra blood to the pool in the scrota is allowed and that affects the sperm count. However, men need not worry too much since this condition can easily be corrected with a minor surgery.

Abnormalities in the seminal fluid

It is important that the seminal fluid does not get to thick because if it does it will not be easy for the sperm to move through it and into the woman’s reproductive tract.

Problems with the ductal system

Even though it does not occur very often, a person may be born with bilateral congenital absence of the vas deferens. If that is the case, that means that he is most likely to have obstructions either at the level of epididymis or even higher up in the vas deferens that is a lot more muscular. That blockage may occur due to scar tissue or even as a response to some sort of an infection. It is important that the passage does not get blocked because if it does the sperm cannot pass through. There are situations when the duct can be unblocked or repaired. Testicular failure

This is another cause of low sperm count and it means that the sperm-producing parts are unable to create the needed amount of sperm. There are various reasons why this particular problem may occur. Some of the most common reasons are the lack of cells that divide to become sperm or an inability of the sperm to finish the development.

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