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Sleep Apnea

The following text will be focused on the problem that troubles more than 12 million of people in America and this is sleep apnea. Americans have a lot of problems with sleep apnea, which creates problems as big as those of diabetes. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea and it causes breathing problems by creating an obstruction for the airways. Central sleep apnea is the next possible type of sleep apnea and it also controls breathing problems but in this case, they are created by the brain. There is a mix of the two mentioned sleep apnea types, and it is called mixed sleep apnea.


Males older than forty and with weight issues are most targeted by the sleep apnea. However, this problem can also target children and everyone in between as well. One of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring, but you might have some hard times detecting this problem yourself. Another problems is the fact snoring is not always caused by sleep apnea since it can be caused by numerous other causes. But snoring is something that most people with sleep apnea experience. Tiredness during the daytime is the next symptoms of the sleep apnea and this happens because you stop breathing at some points during your sleep. The problem with these symptoms is the fact that, even though you will wake up once you stop breathing, once you wake up, you will not know that you have stopped breathing.

You will continue like nothing has happened and you will not know what has woken you up. Sleeping will be interrupted by frequent interference and you will not feel recharged in the morning. Instead, you will feel tired and this will persist for the entire day. The tiredness will increase over time and you will experience more and more problems with this. Additional symptoms will develop if sleep apnea receives no treatment. Some of them are depression, irritability, headaches and sometimes weight gain. Blood pressure can be increased due to sleep apnea, which can lead to cardiovascular system issues. We advise you to start monitoring the blood pressure at your home because you can prevent many cardiovascular problems this way.

Other symptoms of sleep apnea include sexual function decrease and memory retention issues. Visit to the doctor is needed if you see that you are having problems described in the text. We have to warn you that you may have to pay 1000$ for the overnight sleep test, which you will have to undergo when you are referred to the sleep specialist. See if this will be covered by your health insurance policy.

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