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Fightingasthma with Singulair

The substancecalled montelukast, or Singulair which is its trade name, is a medicine that isused to fight the medical condition called asthma. There are medications whichare designed to provide relief to the people who are suffering from an acute attackof asthma, and Singulair is not one of them. On the contrary, its purpose is toserve as a maintenance therapy for asthmatic patients. It is not taken when anattack of asthma happens. Rather, it is taken regularly regardless of theattacks and it hopefully prevents future attacks.

One of itsgood sides is that it does not interact with other medications for asthma, soit can be freely administered along with the asthma drug called theophylline,for instance. It is being used more and more and there are many benefits tousing it. Some people report that this medication has helped them get rid ofasthma completely. And no doubt that contemporary medicine has advanced sogreatly that it is now able to help people overcome their disease.

The otherside of the coin

Beneficial thoughit may be, the drug called Singulair is not perfect. Of course, this is true ofmany medications. Apart from the tremendous benefits that it may bring to aperson suffering from asthma, it can also incite some very undesirable sideeffects. In case a person takes Singulair and experiences some of the sideeffects, it means that this medication does not suit them very well and that itwould be best for them to stop taking the medicine and ask their doctor for anadvice.

Among themost prominent and frequent side effects we have disturbances of thegastrointestinal system. What is more intriguing, this medicine has becomecontroversial due to the fact that it can set off some unusual side effectssuch as sleep disorders and suicidal tendencies. Hallucinations, depression andanxiety are sometimes encountered in patients who take this medication. Apart fromthese, there is of course the standard repertoire of side effects that are commonto many medications.

On asthmain general

Since asthmais caused by environmental and genetic factors, it is very difficult to cureit. It is very important to try to avoid possible irritants that set off attacksof asthma. Thanks to the contemporary medicine, nowadays we have drugs that cansignificantly ward off symptoms of the disease. Nonetheless, we need to becareful when using these drugs, since all of them have more or less hazardoussymptoms. Always ask your doctor about the side effects and determine which therapyis best for you.

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