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Zyvox is an antibiotic that is effective in curing many kinds of the bacterial infections, even those that are immune to other antibiotics. Zyvox treats pneumonia, skin infections, and many other illnesses.

General side effects of Zyvox are headache, diarrhea, and nausea, and reaction of tested population are considered week to medium. Case of spondylodiscitis treated with Zyvox for a long time developed fatal case of Clostridium difficile colitis. Side effects that appeared were diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, change of taste, different color of the tongue, oral moniliasis, dyspepsia, localized abdominal pain, and pseudomembranous colitis. Changed tooth color on the external surface, and tongue discoloration appeared while this therapy was undergoing. Hemoglobin was reduced, and platelet count, as well as white blood cells, and neutrophils. Especially very small number of platelet much smaller than normal 75 % to 1.5% which is shown with comparator drugs. After testing this drug myelosuppression appeared together with anemia, leukopenia, pancytopenia, and thrombocytopenia. Supervision of complete blood count is necessary, and if condition is growing badly, therapy must be stopped.

In case where patients were treated with linezolid for more than 10 days, number of platelets were smaller than 100,000/mm3 - Thrombocytopenia. Different study showed that thrombocytopenia took place in 6.4% of tested people and serious thrombocytopenia in 0.3% in people treated with linezolid longer than five days. Involving usage of vitamin B6 in Zyvox therapy makes levels of hemoglobin constant. Studies of linezolid related thrombocytopenia say that vitamin B6 inverse occurrence of thrombocytopenia. New tests of linezolid together with 50mg of vitamin B6, with reference to, linezolid alone used on patients with cancer, and they showed that this is not helpfully.

Side effects to nervous system involved insomnia, dizziness, headache and confusion. Convulsions, peripheral neuropathy, and optic neuropathy together with at least one case of Bell's palsy, and serotonin syndrome has been registered after testing. If patient is using linezolid together with citalopram, sertraline, venlafaxine, fluoxetine, or paroxetine, serotonin syndrome may appear. Serotonin syndrome takes about four days of therapy to show first symptoms.

A few patients died when simultaneous treatment with linezolid took place. The patient developed severe lactic acidosis followed by myocardial infarction, and after three further cardiac arrest, the patient died. Second patient discontinued usage of sertraline on first day of of linezolid treatment and developed symptoms on ninth day. He got cardiopulmonary arrest, then anoxic brain injury, hypertension, tachycardia, and diarrhea, and he died in two weeks. Third patient was using citalopram along linezolid and on second day first symptom appeared. He died one months after regardless ending of linezolid treatment.

In spite of everything there are cases when treatment is successful. Hyperlactatemia, hyponatremia, lactic acidosis, metabolic acidosis, and hypokalemia are metabolic reactions. The results showed raised levels of lipase, amylase, alkaline phosphatase, and creatine phosphokinase. A few cases of peripheral and optic neuropathy turned up. But if therapy stops when this happens progress or accomplished recovery happens in all cases. Rash, pruritus, and mild alopecia are some dermatologic side effects. Increased and decreased blood pressure and supraventricular tachycardia are the Cardiovascular side effects.Vaginal moniliasis are main genitourinary side effect. Abnormal liver function tests, elevated Alt, AST, and total bilirubin, are Hepatic side effects. Atypical renal function, elevated BUN and creatinine are Renal side effects. Other side effects are respiratory, hypersensitivity, immunologic.

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