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Medication called picolax will bethe focus of this text, which will cover the general information about thismedication and some of the side effects that sometimes accompany it. Osmoticlaxatives are a group of the medications that picolax is a part of. If you use thismedication, it will cause the water to fill in the lower bowel, which willproduce the water content increase and also the increase of the stool's size.It will lead to a stool that will be much smoother and easier to pass. Thismedication is used before procedures that need empty bowels, and it isimportant to remember to take a lot of fluid if you use this medication. Theeffect of cleaning the bowel should last less than 24 hours and remember toexpect liquid and frequent stools.

Do not use this medication if you have gutblockage, large intestine expansion or severely impaired functioning of thekidneys. Use this medication with caution if you have high amount of magnesiumin the bloodstream, low levels of potassium in the blood, and inflammatorybowel disease. Remember that some of the ingredients of this medication cancause allergic reaction, so, naturally, you cannot take this medication if youare allergic to some of them.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy

While some medications are safeto be used during pregnancy, some must be avoided. There are also thesituations in which certain medications need to be used because of the baby.Always talk to your doctors about the medication you are about to start using,and always inform them if you are pregnant. The use of this medication does notproduce any effect on the milk, while pregnant women should use picolax withcare.

Side effects

Medication named picolax can havesome unwanted effects, just like any other medication in the market.Medications create different effect on different people, so while some may notdevelop side effects, other will. Some of the most common side effects ofpicolax are nausea, anus pain, diarrhea, headache, seizures, colic pain,vomiting, tiredness, low levels of sodium in the bloodstream and allergicreaction. These are the most common ones, but there may be other possible sideeffects as well.

Before using any medication, you should visit the doctor forconsultation or at least read the instructions, since they should containvaluable information, especially regarding the side effects which can come fromthe use of it. This medication can bring some reactions if used with othermedications. For example, it can reduce the effect of Bulk-forming laxatives.Picolax is not advised to take during other treatments. Also, patients who usemedications for decreasing the levels of potassium in the bloodstream should becareful when using picolax.

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