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Nystatin is an antifungal medication, which is not available without the prescription, and which is used in the treatment of different fungal infections, particularly those caused by candida. However, since it mostly stays in the digestive tract and is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, it is much more effective when used in cases of fungal infections that are either on the surface of the body, or in the digestive tract.

A few warnings about nystatin use

As for the side effects of nystatin, they are various, and it depends on individual whether or not some of them will appear. A very important element that can affect the chances of their occurrence is general health of the patients who are prescribed with this medication, as well as other medical conditions that they might have (if they suffers from kidney failure or some other kidney disease, certain side effects of nystatin are more likely to occur in their cases). The same goes for the patients who have some kind of an allergy, because even if they are only allergic to some kind of food, their chances of experiencing side effects of this medication are increased. This medication has not been studied enough in pregnant and breastfeeding women, so it is not really known whether it can affect fetus or baby, and side effects can be expected. This is why its use is not recommended for these women, and why it is much safer if they simply do not use it. When it comes to the side effects caused by interactions with other medications, nystatin is not likely to cause such complications, since it does not reach the liver, so people do not have to stop using other medications or worry about this possibility.

Side effects of nystatin

The fact is that side effects are very rarely reported when it comes to this medication, and it is generally well tolerated, regardless of the form in which it is used. However, according to the results of some studies, it has been concluded that most commonly experienced side effects are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and other problems with stomach, if the medication is taken orally, while burning, itching, eczema and even pain have been reported in skin products containing nystatin. None of these symptoms calls for medical attention, but if bloody diarrhea, a rapid heart rate or signs of allergic reaction occur, the patient should not wait for the symptoms to withdraw by themselves.

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