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Fybogel - Ispaghula husk

Fybogel is a supplement made from a plant Ispaghula husk, usedto treat the constipation. It could also be used by patients suffering from irritablebowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, colostomy, ileostomyor anal fissure.

It is believed that Ispaghula husk can lower high cholesterolin the blood, and therefore could be used to treat this condition also. Most likely,Ispaghula husk decrease the bile acids necessary to absorb the cholesterol, andthat way less cholesterol gets absorbed fro the intestines into thebloodstream.

Ispaghula husk is a bulk forming laxative plant. The fibersin the plant swell in contact with the fluid of the intestines, increasing thevolume of the intestinal content and easing gastrointestinal problems.

Fybogel should be taken with plenty of water or some otherliquid, and the full effect is to be expected several days later. The medicationis especially helpful for people intolerable to cellulose.

Side Effects

Patients using fybogel often experience overload of gases inthe stomach and intestines, known as flatulence. Bloating and swelling of theabdomen, leading to abdomen distension are also reported by the patients usingthis medication. Some people might experience bowel obstruction while using ispaghulahusk.

Fybogel is not known to cause interaction with othermedications.


Fybogel is not known to cause any harm to pregnant women,unborn babies or breastfeeding moms, but if you are pregnant or plan to becomepregnant consult the doctor about using this medication.

Older people should be careful when using this medicationand always use enough of fluids for the drug to work.

Fybogel should not be used in intestinal obstruction, feacalimpaction, and in patient suffering from swallowing difficulties orphenylketonuria. Also, patients allergic to Ispaghula husk or any substance presentin the medication should not use fybogel. Any previous allergic reaction tothis drug should be reported to your doctor. If you happen to experience anallergy while using the fybogel, stop the medication and ask for medicaladvice.

Using the Medicine

This drug is known to swell in contact with water andbecause of that it should always be carefully swallowed. Drink enough of fluidswhile using this medication. Keep in mind that doctors do not recommend usingfybogel before bedtime.

This medication is a type of fiber, advisable to use in caseswhen the dietary intake of fiber can’t be increased or when people can’ttolerate cellulose.

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