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Nystatin and triamcinolone is a combination of an antifungal medicine and a corticosteroid.

Antifungal medications are prescribed for the fungal infections, they fight the fungus and prevent its further development, while corticosteroids aim to relieve the symptoms of infection like redness, swelling, itching and pain.

Nystatin and triamcinolone are used mostly for Candida infections. This drug combination can be sold only with a prescription and it comes in the form of an ointment or a cream.

Corticosteriodis used topically usually have no serious side effects, however this medication should be used with precaution in children, best if with a doctor’s recommendation and supervision.

Possible side effects

This treatment does not necessarily cause any side effects, in fact in most patients it has no side effects at all. However, if any of them do appear, it is best to consult a doctor, especially if they occur in children.

Side effects may cause dermatological problems like itching, blistering, peeling, dryness and burning that were not present before the administration of the treatment.

A doctor should be notified if acne or oily skin occurs, as well as increased growth of facial and body hair or hair loss, purple lines on different parts of the body, bruising and thinning of the skin.

Children are more likely to develop some of these side effects because their skin absorbs the drug more that in adults.

Other side effects are possible as well and if the patient notices any changes or experiences any health problems during the treatment with nystatin and triamcinolone, it is recommended to seek medical advice.


The affected skin should be kept clean and dry during the treatment. If the symptoms do not improve or if they get worse within a few weeks, it may be a sign of a different condition and a doctor should be consulted.

People who have diabetes may have higher sugar levels in blood and urine due to the use of this medication.

People who have allergies should report them to their health care provider before starting the treatment with nystatin and triamcinolone.

There are not sufficient medical studies that examine the effects of this drug combination on pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is best to weigh the benefits and possible negative aspects of this treatment before starting it.

This medication may alter or have undesired effects in combination with other medications. Persons who are on some other treatment should report all the drugs they are currently using to their physician or pharmacist, who will decide if there are risks or contraindications in that particular combination.

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