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Bonjela is a pleasant taste gel that relieves pain and inconvenience caused by inflammation in the mouth. Also, this medication is very useful with wounds caused by dentures and irritation in the growing teeth period at children. This product is available as a gel and cool mint gel. It consists of components such as cetalkonium chloride and choline salicylate.

Bonjela treats inflammation in the mouth in the following three ways:

1.Relieves pain through the analgesic contained in the product.

2.Reduces the swelling through its anti-inflammatory properties - Choline salicylate is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that reduces inflammation, fever and pain. It blocks the production of prostaglandins in the body that creates in response to injury. Prostaglandin increases blood flow to the injured area resulting in swelling, pain, redness and heat. Applying choline salicylate on the affected spot it blocks the action of cyclo-oxygenase that produces prostaglandins, which alleviates inflammation.

3. It has antibacterial effect by killing bacteria and fungus in your mouth - Cetalkonium chloride is antiseptic with the main task to prevent growth of bacteria and harmful microorganisms that may contaminate the broken tissue or sore in the mouth.

It is important to note that the active ingredients of bonjela gel quickly absorb into the gums which leads to immediate pain relief.

Bonjela has several indications, such as injuries caused by denture or having braces, cold sores, mouth ulcers, irritation caused by growth of teeth in children and other mouth irritation and injury. Mouth ulcers appear from accidental biting inside cheek during eating, toothbrush injury during cleaning teeth, a sharp tooth or filling. They can also develop as a consequence of anxiety, stress and hormonal disorders. Denture and brace sores, usually occur due to poor quality of manufacturing them or friction with the gums. The active component (cetalkonium chloride antiseptic) provides that injured area heal and keep it clean, and protected from further irritation.

There are possibilities for side effects using bonjela, although its manifestations vary from person to person. If it uses occasionally, side effects are very small. However, its excessive use can lead to ulceration in the area of application. Assuming that you follow the instructions in the product, it is known that Bonjela is well tolerated and there is no bad interaction with other drugs.

Before you begin using Bonjele, consumers should consult a qualified person. If Bonjela applied to ease discomfort of injuries caused by braces, it is necessary to make a thirty minute break before it returns back in the mouth. In addition, useing Bonjela is not recommended for children under 16 to prevent its excessive use. Also, this medicine may pass into the breast milk, but it should\'nt be harmful to a nursing child\'s health.

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