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The attention to the importance of selenium for the health ingeneral and health of the thyroid gland was first called in July, 2000. The findingsof one medical journal directed the attention to the potential of this nutrientto diminish the risks of various problems, among which are even fertilityissues, progression of AIDS and HIV, and autoimmune diseases of the thyroidgland. It was concluded that selenium has positive effect on the health of the thyroidgland, heart, bones, and that among other things, higher levels of it can slowdown the process of multiplications of viruses.

The connection between selenium and thyroid problems

When it comes to the thyroid gland, selenium is importantfor the process of conversion of T4 to T3, which means that in cases in whichthis trace mineral is not present in sufficient amounts, the thyroid functionis likely to be impaired, thus making a person in question more prone to thedevelopment of hypothyroidism. According to the opinion of some experts, low levels of T3are common in people who live in areas in which the soil does not containsufficient amounts of selenium.

A study conducted in Germany included 72 women who werediagnosed with some autoimmune thyroid disorder and they were all divided into2 groups. Women from one group were given placebo, while women from the othergroup were given 200mcg of selenium every day. The study lasted for 3 months andat the end, the blood of all of them was tested for the levels of the immunesystem antibodies. In 9 women from the second group these levels were normalagain, while the general conclusion was that when compared to the results ofthe blood test of women from the group who took placebo, the antibodies thatattacked the thyroid gland reduced for 40%.

Recommended dosage on a daily basis

Even though it seems that the health of the thyroid gland dependson this nutrient to a great extent, the truth is that people should be carefulwhen taking the supplements that contain it because it is easy to exceed the necessarydaily dosage, which is 400mcg per day. And if a person takes more than that,there is a chance that it will result in toxicity. For those who are not interestedin the use of supplements, it might be useful to know that natural sources rich inselenium are liver, shellfish, whole grains, vegetables and Brazil nuts.

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