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Nowadays, there is vast number of people who suffer from the symptoms of chronic fatigue fibromyalgia. However, a large number of those people are not aware that they suffer from it. The reason is because this condition is not well known. Most people first discover the name when they are already at the doctor's and seeking some way to relieve the discomfort they are facing. At first, these symptoms are nothing a person should worry about because they are just slight annoyances. A person may suffer form them for years before they become more severe. At first these symptoms are minor headaches, numb body parts, fatigue and body aches. However, in time these symptoms may become more severe and then a person will experience joint pain, fatigues and lethargy that last for a long time, and even lightheadedness. When that happens a person will not be able to go to work regularly and will miss out on going to events. Most of the time, the person will be at the doctor's looking for a way to relieve the symptoms.

No cure

People who suffer from chronic fatigue fibromyalgia need to know that there is still no known cure for this condition. However, people suffering from it should know that there are various treatments that may ease the pain of the symptoms. Some of the things that may bring a person more relief are moving to a warmer climate and finding a job that does not require a lot of energy. People who suffer from this condition need to find a way to reduce stress. Stress is known to make the symptoms worse. Another essential part of the process of relieving the pain is a proper diet. Along with the right foods a person needs to exercise regularly.

Who is affected with chronic fatigue fibromyalgia

Generally, women are affected with this disease more than men. However, there is no rule when age is considered. A person should go and see a doctor as soon as he or she experiences some of these symptoms. The symptoms may appear because of some other disease and that is why the doctor will perform a number of tests in order to determine what caused the symptoms to occur.

Origins of chronic fatigue fibromyalgia

The experts are still not sure of the origins of this disease. However, they have two theories about the causes. The first theory says that a person inherited the disease and that it is genetic. The second theory focuses on the stressful modern lifestyle. One thing is certain and that is that a person who suffers from it will need to change a lot of things in his or her life in order to deal with the disease.

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