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Placental abruption is a serious pregnancy complication where the placenta, the organ that nourishes the baby, detaches from the uterine wall before birth. Placental abruption can take place during pregnancy or childbirth, and be only partial or complete. The higher the degree of abruption, the more risk mother and baby are at. If placental abruption is not caught in time, it can lead to both maternal and fetal death. So, what are the symptoms of placental abruption?

Women who are experiencing placental abruption during pregnancy are likely to notice vaginal bleeding. Third trimester bleeding is always a cause for concern, and any pregnant woman who is bleeding should get in touch with her healthcare provider at the first opportunity, or head to the ER. Uterine or abdominal pain is also a common symptom of placental abruption, though this may be difficult to identify for women who are in labor. General abdominal tenderness, and contractions that follow one another in rapid succession without a break can also point to placental abruption. Because a placenta that detaches before it should also causes bleeding, which cannot always escape from the uterus as the placenta might be obstructing the cervix, though experiencing placental abruption may also have an enlarged and really firm uterus.

Sometimes, placental abruption is linked to other placental conditions such as placenta previa. Placental abruption is generally diagnosed through an ultrasound., and the fetal heat rate will also be measured. If there is no fetal distress, induction and vaginal delivery is often the preferred course of action. In case of fetal distress, doctors may propose a cesarean section to get the baby out safely and quickly. If there is only a partial abruption and the woman's due date is still a long way away, careful monitoring and a "wait and see" approach may be preferred. For more information about placental complications, also look at placenta accreta what it is and how it is diagnosed.

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