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When Adriana Iliescu, now the mother of five year old daughter Eliza, gave birth, she was the world's oldest mother. But having a baby with the help of IVF and an egg and sperm donor at 66 might not have been enough for Adriana. This single mother by choice said that she is considering another child, but that she is.... wait for it... "in no rush"!

The now 72 year old university professor from Bucharest, Romania, said: "The mirror is unkind to women, but if we are talking about my energy then I feel like a young woman. I feel like I m 27 and when I feel a bit more tired, I feel like I'm 37. I am healthier than women more than half my age. People think they are being funny when they call me granny, but I didn't have Eliza to make me look younger. I never feel my years."

Perhaps she feels young, but she doesn't deny the fact that age does come with its very real disadvantages. She is already planning out her now five year old's daughter ("we would like her to become a lawyer, but she wants to study film directing, too") and commented: "I don't smoke and I don't drink. If I live as long as my parents did, Eliza will be 20 by the time I pass away. I think I still have a lot to give her."

I don't think most of us set living until our kids turn 20 as an ideal, but to be fair, Adriana does sound like a doting mother who deeply cares about her child's future. Pictures of the two of them show a loving and close relationship. Despite that, the world's oldest mother said that she keeps her age a secret from Eliza. According to her, your age becomes private business when you turn 40. Now for the bit where she says she might have another child.

"Medically, it s possible," the IVF mother said. "I understand there are trials going on with a 70-year-old woman in England, so it could be done. I am fine and healthy and I think it would be possible to have another child in the future, but I'm not in a rush at the moment." Let's hope that statement was no more than a publicity stunt. If she's serious, what would her goal be for another child? That he or she will reach age 5 before Adriana passes away?

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