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The healthy benefits and the great taste of the red onions will be worth the tears that come when cutting it.

They can be included in thousands of different recipes and they are full of many nutrients. Red onions will not only improve a person’s health if eaten regularly, but they will also give a person a lot of energy.

Studies have shown that people who eat a lot of onions have a lower incidence of several very common types of cancer.

People who cook at home will notice that when they come in close contact with onions their eyes will tear up. This is actually a good thing, because this kind weeping releases toxins from the body, and the onions get their color and odor from the chemicals that they contain.

Distinctive sulfur compounds are what causes the irritation of the eyes, and they can also prevent heart disease and some types of cancer.

Onions can be sliced and put on a burn to treat it, and they can also be used for insect bite by making a mix of onion juice and salt.

Eating a raw onion will have similar effects as taking antibiotics.

They also have a lot of chromium, which increases the sensitivity of the insulin receptors to the sugar regulating insulin. Health benefits of red onions

As mentioned previously, the chromium, along with vitamin B6 will improve a person’s cardiovascular health. Red onions will therefore lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

They are also used to reduce inflammation in the bones and throat and even the blood vessels. Red onion can also help to deal with symptoms of osteoporosis, asthma and the common cold, even.

They can also reduce cholesterol, especially when eaten after big meals.

Chemicals found in red onions will help with overall bone health and they will also improve blood circulation and relax muscles.

Eating onions regularly will also decrease the blood sugar level, which is a result of the allyl propyl disulfide and chromium, which are found in the red onions.

Red onions can also help with weight loss because they can decrease the appetite and urges to eat, though there is no conclusive information that proves this.

Red onions also contain very important flavonoids called quercetin, which is a phytochemical that works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that will help to prevent the growth of tumors and therefore help with cancer treatments as well.

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