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Dialysis biomedical technician is a medical professional that works in dialysis clinics and hospitals. The main task of dialysis biomedical technicians is to make sure that all specialized machines, used in the treatment of patients, are running correctly. Biomedical technician is a highly skilled electromechanical technologist that is responsible to ensure that medical equipment is safe, that it is properly configured and fully functional. This is a rewarding profession at a high demand, since more and more hospitals are interested in employing skilled professionals that can help to minimize hospital deaths and injuries caused by needless electrical accidents in the health care facilities.

Job description for Dialysis Biomedical Technician

Dialysis biomedical technicians are professionals that assist in the treatment of patients who need to manage their condition using dialysis. Dialysis provides an artificial replacement for lost kidney function and it is often used in treatment of people with renal failure, end stage of renal disease, or other ailments that cause malfunctioning of the kidneys. Dialysis biomedical technician’s primary task is to keep the patient and the patient’s environment safe to the maximum possible extent. Therefore, this professional will have to sanitize and clean tools and equipment, maintain and operate specialized machines, as well as to keep accurate hazardous and medical waste logs, run maintenance tests, analyze water systems and various different reports. These persons also install new equipment, inspect, repair and modify any kind of machines, if needed. They are also employed to calibrate and support various systems to adhere to medical standard guidelines. Occasionally, they will be involved in capital asset planning, budgeting and project management. Moreover, their task will also be to educate and advise the rest of the medical staff on operation and safe clinical application of different biomedical equipment. Therefore, their task is not only to keep the patients safe, but also to care about their co-workers and medical staff equipment.

Requirements and salary for Dialysis Biomedical Technician

Dialysis biomedical technician usually needs a certificate or associate degree. Certificate programs are relatively short and take 2-3 semesters to complete. Associate degree programs involve two years of study. After completing 18 months of practice in dialysis facility, a technician will be ready to take the national nephrology technician certification. An average annual salary for dialysis biomedical technician is $41,520. In most of the cases, these professionals will work in hospitals but there is a growing need for dialysis biomedical technicians in physician offices, healthcare offices and laboratories.

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