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Every person on the planet has so many activities and thingsto do and during the course of these activities, we tend to experience certainproblems. The following textwill be focused on one of very common problems and that is herniated disc. The complexity of a human body in general is great, not to mention thecomplexity of every part of the human body. One of such parts is spine, whichhas several cushioned vertebras. The reason why they are cushioned like this isdue to the protection of the nerves and the prevention of rubbing of thevertebras. But the disc we have mentioned is the cushion that does this work.Every spinal problem is associated with the herniated disc.


Herniated disc can be caused by few factors and one of such is deteriorationdue to old age. The whole body will feel the consequences of the mentioned deterioration and the discs located in the region between the spine’s vertebras will be affectedas well. The deterioration usually happens when we reach 30 years due to the loss of elasticity or the overuse, which results in more damage prone disc.

In these cases, a rupture or bulging of the disc may occur, thus leading to manyproblems. One of such problems is pain felt in and around the region of thebody where the disc is bulging. If the certain region of the back has been affected,the pain may expand to the legs as well. The brain will not be able to emit thesignals to the muscles in this part of the body and this will probably resultin muscle weakness. Bladder and bowel movement problems may be experienced aswell. One of the conditions that can cause such problems along with the herniateddisc is Cauda Equina Syndrome. A doctor has to be consulted if you are havingsuch problems.


The process of healing will start on its own, but there are ways in which you can makethis process faster and more efficient. You will have to rest, but also performcertain exercises that will help. Some of these are aerobic exercises andstretching. Also, we have to mention proper nutrition. The inflammation problemcan be reduced with the help of the vitamin B or proteolytic enzymes. Sincethe absorption and intake of nutrition is impaired by smoking, we advise you toquit this activity. You will leave this problem behind you by following advice stated in the article.

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