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Umbilical Cord Blood

Many blood related disease can be cured with the help of the umbilical cord blood because it has certain stem cells. This is a wonderful solution for these problems and with it the immune systems can become much stronger and thus capable of fighting anemia, leukemia, immune system disorders and many others. But, unfortunately, there are several factors that make donations to the public banks problematic, mostly due to financial issues, incompetent information and lack of equipment. Now people donate stem cells in order to secure the cure for potential blood problems that they may have and because of the need to help others. The following text will talk about the public storage of stem cells because, according to several studies, it is more beneficial.

Public vs. Private Storage

There is no chance that umbilical cord blood provided from the sick child can be used and the chances of a family member using any of the stored stem cells are very low. This is because of the strains of genetic material that prohibit the use of stem cells by certain family members. Also, the blood cells have the encoded material of the disease and thus, the blood provided by a sick child cannot be used. People with body weight over 100 pounds cannot be cured with the use of blood cells taken from the umbilical cord because they are insufficient. If you turn to the private storage, your chances of finding the right umbilical cord are lower than in the public because these storages have rigorous regulations and standards when preservation of the umbilical cord blood is in question.

If you go to the public storage, you will have 75% chances of finding the right umbilical cord, while this number in the private storage comes down to 25%. As we have said, public storages have rigorous regulations concerning the preservation and this is why doctors usually choose public storages. They are very rigorous when staff, sanitation and other standards are concerned. Profit is what makes the private storage work so they might cut costs with the staff or limit the number of samples in order to make enough room. Also, the donor can easily use personal blood once it becomes necessary, unlike in the private storage in which it is necessary that the donation is used first in order to be given to the donor. But chances of having somebody use the donation are very low. Some studies say that only 5% of the total storage is used.

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