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Bank Cord Blood

Several issues will arise if you find yourself in the situation when donor is needed and one of the biggest issues is the finding of a proper match. If this is not accomplished, transplantation cannot be performed. Adopted children are mostly affected by this fact due to the unavailable family members who are a proper match, as well as people whose race is not widespread in their places of residence, and children without family members or siblings. The transplantation cannot guarantee a success even when the proper match has been found because there is a question of acceptance of the new "part" because the body might recognize it as foreign and dismiss it. Now when you have heard of the potential problems you might encounter during your life, the notion that there is a way you can be your own donor thus providing the perfect match whenever you need it without the chances of repelling the transplantation might come as a relief. This is when bank cord blood comes into the play.


Nutrition that the child receives comes from the mother via umbilical cord and this is exactly the place where the cord blood is taken from. It has stem cells that may cure many illnesses, like Parkinson's and even cancer. These cells do not have a role and this is why they can be used in so many different ways because yet they do not have a purpose. When the body needs certain cell type, we can use stem cells which will do whatever would the missing cells do. Stem cells can be muscle cells, bone cells, blood cells and any other type of cell in the human body, depending on the need. They will replace the cells we need and take their responsibilities as well, which is what makes them so great.

So if we have a person who has leukemia and thus is deficient on white blood cells in the bone marrow, we can take stem cells, which will make sure that the production of the white blood cells is stimulated and increased. If we didn’t have stem cells, we would have to wait for a perfect match, but with stem cells, we provide the cord blood and we are always a perfect match. Treatment of many disorders and diseases, like cancer and sickle cell anemia, which target both children and adults, can be done with the help of the stem cells. There is no waiting period and it can be done immediately, which will make the recovery time efficient. You can also use the cord blood of your sister or a brother and this is a reason why many people are banking cord blood because it can help if a brother or a sister is having childhood cancer or some other grave problem.

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