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Fibrosis is an excessive growth of the white fibrous tissue. It is a consequence of the inflammation and muscular rheumatism. The growths are like scars in a body and these scars can invade organs. In the case of pulmonary fibrosis, scars endanger lungs. Over time, air sacs are replaced with fibrotic tissue. This makes it difficult to transfer the oxygen into blood system.

This text provides you with some suggestions in order to respond to the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis. As pulmonary fibrosis is an auto-immune disorder, it will respond to therapy and supplements in food.

First supplement in the list is Serrepeptase. It is recommended to use it three times a day in a dosage of 60,000 IU`s. It has proved to be helpful in reducing inflammation and furthermore to immune system. Colloidal Silver` s main role is to eliminate the bugs, fungus and virus in the body. Immuno complex is a live cell nutritional yeast. It is important for re-establishing cellular respiration, improvement for tissue oxidation and metabolic energy and T cell side. Possibly the best supplement in calming the too active B cells are Liquorice Capsules. They are also good lung expectorant. If you take one teaspoon of Hemo Oil every day, a balance of raw cold will be preserved as it is important for dealing with inflammation. If the person is not getting enough sunlight during day, cod liver oil is recommended. Sea weeds also play an important role as supplements. You can buy a product Mlti-Green Nutrition because it has many seeds in one capsula. These sea weeds are beneficial for cellular communication, and helpful in detoxication. Organic silicon is the best one in the market for getting sufficient quality when the body is absorbing it. If you want to make a silica reserves, it would be best to use it six to nine months as silica is important for repairing of collagen. And at the end, we have Organic Germanium, pills that are good for tissue oxygenation. It is advised to take them two times a day.

All of these supplements may look like a bunch of remedies, but this nutritional therapy differs from medical treatment.

You must be careful if you are drinking some other medicine. In the case of Serrepeptase, whose purpose is to thin blood, if you already drink other blood thinners, your blood can become too thin. Liquorice Capsules may cause contrary effect if a person with high blood pressure is using it.

It is very important to monitor the process with some nutritionist and doctor.

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