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The foot can move in two ways, one being away from the body and this is called plantar flexion which can flex to forty five degrees and the other is moving towards to body and this is known as dorsiflexion which can flex to twenty degrees. Both these actions take place because of the hinge joint above called the ankle. Three bones meet at the ankle, the tibia, the fibia and the talus. The malleoli are either side of the ankle and they are the hard bumps that you can feel, their job is to provide a weight bearing mechanism whilst your body is in the standing position. Ligaments play a big part in the stability of the ankle also wrapped around the ankle are tendons.

Types of Injuries Which Cause Ankle Pain -Sprain

Sprains seem to be the most common injury to the ankle. The sprain involves one of the ligaments and it means that it is torn to some extent. It can happen to the inside or the outside ligament or even both in some cases. Usually they will only occur when there is already some sort of weakness in the area and will happen when there is an abrupt twist. If you sprain your ankle the pain will occur straight away and some people have described having a pop feeling to the ankle. After which there will be swelling to the area because of the leaking blood vessels. More often than not when assessing a sprain it will be marked from 1 to 3. The tear can be particle or it can be severe and the doctor will want to perform an x-ray to see if there is a break as well.

Treatment for a Sprain to the Ankle

At the start they can be treated by using an ice pack and by getting plenty of rest, which means restraining the quantity of walking you do as well as other activities. At home you can elevate the limb which will help to decrease the swelling. You may consider taking some anti inflammatory drug as well as the ice pack and elevation. If the injury is severe your doctor may want to use an immobilization cast and after that you could have the option of attending a physical therapy program.

Diseases and Conditions That Cause Ankle Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, gouty arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis are all types of arthritis that can affect the ankle. Another condition that causes ankle pain is tarsal tunnel syndrome.

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