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Quinsy is a disease that occurs as a complication of tonsillitis. It involves the formation of abscess or pus in the region on and around the tonsils. It usually occurs when the infection spreads from the tonsils to the surrounding area. The medical term for this disease is peritonsillar abscess.

Link between quinsy and tonsillitis

Quinsy is not very common, mostly because most people with tonsillitis receive adequate medical care, in most cases antibiotics. However, even though it is relatively rare, quinsy can be dangerous because, if the abscess grows too big, it can close the airways and cause suffocation. Fortunately, it is a highly treatable disease, as long as it is diagnosed on time and treated with antibiotics.

This disease involves formation of abscess around the tonsils. The main cause, according to most doctors, is a particularly severe bout of tonsillitis or poorly treated or untreated tonsillitis. On the other hand, some doctors believe that quinsy is associated with Webber glands. These glands are located just above the tonsils and their purpose is to collect and eliminate the debris around the tonsils. If they do not work properly, the debris will block the tubes that are supposed to drain it, leading to abscess.

Prevention of quinsy

As quinsy usually follows a case of untreated, poorly treated or complicated tonsillitis, the prevention is naturally aimed towards the prevention of tonsillitis itself. This mainly includes avoiding contact with people who already have tonsillitis. It also involves very careful personal hygiene, especially when it comes to washing hands, and avoiding to touch the mouth or the nose with unclean hands.

Sharing a toothbrush or using the same utensils, glasses and such as the people who are already sick is a sure way to contract the infection and it should definitely be avoided.

Making sure the immune system is strong and able to fight off the infections is an important part in the prevention of quinsy. It can be achieved by eating healthy, with plenty of fluids and natural sources of vitamins and minerals, and possibly taking supplements as well.

Smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke and to polluted air are all considered to be risk factors for quinsy and tonsillitis and they should be avoided.

Antibiotics usage

If tonsillitis does occur, it is essential to cure it properly. If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, it is essential to take all of them, according to the instructions, and not to stop taking them as soon as the symptoms start improving. Following the doctor’s instructions regarding the treatment and the care is the best way to prevent quinsy as a consequence of tonsillitis.

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