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Are you pregnant, and already the proud mother of teenagers? Many roads lead to this situation some women actively tried to get pregnant, either with the same partner who is the father of their teens, or a new partner. Others thought they were close to the menopause, and got pregnant unexpectedly. In any case, you may wonder how the new baby will impact your life, and the life of your teens.

If you are pregnant and already have teens, you may wonder what kind of mother you will be to your new baby, many years after your babies were babies, and were using diapers! Depending on your age, you may have concerns about your energy levels and parenting as a pensioner. And many parents of teens who are expecting a baby again are worried how their teens will react to their new pregnancy. In some cases, you may even be pregnant at the same time as your teen, or already have grandchildren.

One famous example of parents who were expecting another baby when their children were teens are Tony and Cherie Blair, the former British Prime Minister and his wife. In Blair's autobiography, he shares that they were very worried about telling their teens about their unexpected pregnancy, and he noted that the couple's older kids were embarrassed about the pregnancy. Why? Because teens are old enough to be fully aware that pregnancy requires sex, and many teens are uncomfortable acknowledging that their old folks do the deed sometimes.

The Blair kids were very happy about their baby brother Leo in the end, though. Now, what kind of parent will you be? A very experienced one, that's for sure! You are likely to have none of the worries over how to parent babies that you did the first time round, and may be able to enjoy your baby more. You will probably be a confident parent who doesn't stress the small details, like whether to cry it out or do sleep training. Nearly all families where siblings have an age gap of more than ten years agree these late comers are a blessing and joy to the whole family, including teenage children.

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