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Millions of women face an unplanned pregnancy each year. Some of them are happy to find themselves expecting a baby, and welcome the pregnancy immediately. Others are certain that they don't wish to continue the pregnancy. A third group is confused perhaps they are teenagers still in high school, or women who are not sure about their relationship with the baby's father, or whose financial situation makes raising a baby very hard. Women who are torn, and looking for answers on how to proceed with their unplanned pregnancy, often welcome professional advice and a kind, listening ear. Is this what pregnancy crisis centers offer?

Pregnancy crisis centers that advertise tend to portray themselves as non-judgmental, objective places where women who got pregnant unexpectedly can get help. If you are considering going to a pregnancy crisis center, you may look forward to speaking with a warm female, objectively working through all your options, and perhaps hearing where you can turn to receive practical support, whether you settle on parenting, adoption, or abortion. Some pregnancy crisis centers are exactly like this. Many, though, are affiliated with religious groups and are there for you... unless you want an abortion.

For an example of this, see Baltimore pregnancy crisis center ordinance declared unconstitutional.

Some are even associated with private adoption agencies who are, essentially, seeking to balance their "supply and demand". They're looking for "birth moms" for their clients who want to adopt. If that sounds scary to you, know that not all pregnancy crisis centers are like this, and we are not trying to scare you. If you are looking for advice and support, it does help to know where it is coming from.

Women looking for support in the face of an unplanned pregnancy definitely benefit from asking their chosen pregnancy crisis center if they are affiliated with any religious groups, adoption agencies, or other biased sources. Of course, if you are Christian (for instance) and hoping for help from a faith-based organization, some of these centers are exactly what you need. If, on the other hand, you are already leaning toward abortion and want practical help obtaining one, Planned Parenthood will be a better option. If you feel psychological help if what you really need, talking to a therapist will certainly be your most useful path.

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