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Rehabilitation centers for drug addicts are growing like mushrooms after rain all over the United States. The sad fact is that drug addiction is a problem that affects more and more people of all social strata. However, those who decide to undergo rehabilitation and have financial means to choose the center of their liking, are most likely to spend their time there like in a luxurious spa or resort. One of the best places to go to luxury rehab is Florida.


Scenery is one of the greatest advantages of luxurious Florida rehab centers. They can be set with green mountains in the back or the blue see glowing softly behind. The buildings are usually designed so they fit the surroundings, providing a feeling of calm and harmony. The buildings are structured on well designed landscaping, usually with natural or artificial ponds with water lilies and koi fish in them. Decorative shrubs, roses, pebble paths and green meadows offer a calming effect on the mind.

In most cases, accommodation is not limited to one building alone. Patients will most likely be accommodated in separate cabins equipped with everything they need, including luxury bathrooms.

Everything in these centers is designed to assure maximum comfort and soothing, and the patients will be able to find a peace of mind and complete relaxation before returning to their social lives after their therapy is completed.


Luxury rehab centers in Florida do not just offer therapy for drug addiction. Most of them work on holistic principles and offer a plethora of therapeutic possibilities. Staff in these centers includes physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, life coaches, counselors and other professionals. Unlike other, more low-scale centers, patient with other mental disorders, like bipolar disorder or clinical depression, will be able to receive therapy for those problems too, and the treatment will always be complimentary with that for their drug addiction.

Florida rehab centers offer private sessions with yoga instructors, massage, music lessons, aromatherapy, acupuncture, color therapy, and many more.

Food served in these centers is excellent, to say the least, and with royal treatment of the patients from all members of the staff. The cuisine is likely to be international and there is a possibility to create an individual diet plan during the stay at the center.

Since these centers are not made to accommodate a great number of patients at one time, each patient will get full attention and treatment from each member of the staff.

Because of all the advantages mentioned above, the recovery in luxurious rehab centers in Florida is proven to be faster and more complete comparing to other centers.

Choosing a rehabilitation center depends on many factors, including those financial. But those who have the means should definitely choose one of the Florida’s luxury center, where the treatment is designed individually to obtain best and most durable results.

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