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Are you pregnant and looking for prenatal care, but you are uninsured? If so, you are not alone. There are many women in your boat, and many of them are wondering whether they can get free prenatal care, and a free ultrasound, somewhere. You may also be looking for a free ultrasound if you have decided to receive prenatal care from a midwife, which may not be covered by insurance and she may not be able to provide ultrasounds. Paying out of pocket can be very pricey.

No matter where you are, the chances are that you will be able to get a free ultrasound somewhere. The obvious places to look are Planned Parenthood or similar clinics, or crisis pregnancy centers. Sometimes, women's centers will be able to tell you where you can obtain a free ultrasound during pregnancy. Women who are uninsured could perhaps qualify for Medicaid or equivalent programs, where they will be offered at least one ultrasound as part of the prenatal care program. Remember that pregnant women may qualify for state insurance initiatives even if they didn't qualify before they conceived.

If you are in doubt, checking the regulations is a good idea. If you are pregnant and a teen, your reason for wanting a free ultrasound may be fear from your parents and not wanting others to find out about your pregnancy. In that case, talking to Planned Parenthood or pregnancy crisis centers is definitely the right choice. They will be able to offer you counseling as well as an ultrasound. While you are looking for a free ultrasound, remember that taking care of your body and baby by eating well, taking prenatal supplements, and exercising regularly is very important too; especially if you are not currently under the care of a medical professional. Don't drink and smoke, and take a critical look at your lifestyle.

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