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Shingles is a problem that can be transferred to other people, so due to thisfactor, it is necessary to do whatever we can to stops the issue from spreadingto other people. People who have experienced chicken pox during their lives havehigher chances of contracting herpes zoster, which is another name used forshingles. This name is used due to varicella-zoster virus, which is the mainreason for the existence of this issue. The nerve root is a location where thisvirus sleeps after a person has recuperated from chicken pox. It stays dormantand it can remain dormant, but if some factors (like aging, weakness, diseasesand stress) are experienced, the virus may become active. If this happens, itgoes to the skin and develops shingles. There are precautions associatedwith shingles and now we will see which they are.

Standard Precautions

Precautionary measures we will be talking about are associated with theprevention of spreading the virus to other people. While people who had chickenpox can be contaminated with shingles, people who never had shingles, once theycome in contact with a virus responsible for shingles, will develop chickenpox. Direct contact is not one of the ways this virus can be transferred, which basically means that shingles is not contagious, but shingles can bedeveloped in some other stage of life. Some of the people most prone to thisproblem are those under stress, those who suffered an injury or have diseases,such as HIV/AIDS.During the period of rash present on the skin, a person has to avoid contactwith such infected individual. The virus cannot be transferred once the rashcrusts appear, since this signalizes the healing of the rash. This happens dueto the inability of the virus to spread, so until this happens, avoid contactwith the infected person.

Washing your hands prior to eating is a good idea. Once apatient is in a hospital, the staff will try to eliminate the potential threat bywashing procedures and wearing of gown and glows during the treatment. This willhelp in limiting the potential spreading of the virus. Isolation of the patient mayalso happen only in a manner keeping the door closed. Also, the patient will haveto wear clothing that prevents the virus from spreading. Once the healingbegins, all of these measures will be abolished.You will need to be abreast about the problems this condition brings along.Precautions need to be taken the minute condition is detected. Symptoms of theshingles can be managed with the help of topical antibiotics, over-the-counter medications and antiviral medications. Try to eat healthy and nevertouch the rash, since more serious infection can occur.

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