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In addition to favorable effects, pumpkin seeds give pastime to those who are bored and need something tasty to occupy them. Maybe it is not the most silent nibbling but no one has heard anything about pumpkin seed overdose. So go ahead and connect the pleasant with the useful.

Oil pressed from raw pumpkin seeds is greenish, very tasty and aromatic with 57% multiply unsaturated fat content. Well dried pumpkin seeds can be consumed in a raw form.

Nevertheless, it seems strange, but pumpkin seeds play an important role in the human diet.

Pumpkin Seeds Content

Pumpkin seeds contain substances useful in medicine such as phytosterols and linoleic acid which have been proved as beneficial against benign prostate enlargement and problems with bladder.

Furthermore, selenium from the seeds, and provitamin A from the pumpkin flesh protect the body from cancer. It is important that pumpkin does not lose any of these ingredients by standing and so it is advisable to use it from fall throughout the winter, when food is generally poor.

Also, pumpkin seed protects against heart attack because of high content of essential fatty acids.

In addition, they contain large amounts of vitamin E and selenium, which are antioxidants and protect human body from a variety of inflammations.

The pumpkin seeds also contain protease-inhibitors, which prevent the activation of viruses and bacteria in the intestines.

Besides that, pumpkin seeds are very rich in magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, vitamin K, and proteins.

Pumpkin seeds are very important part of folk medicine. Their beneficial effect has been proven, taking an important place in a simple home treatment. Pumpkin seeds prevent the occurrence of many diseases in people.

Pumpkin Seeds Health Benefits

Thanks to essential fatty acids, pumpkin seeds purify the blood, so they are beneficial against bone diseases.

Pumpkin seeds are often considered as seeds for the men - zinc from pumpkin seeds has a positive effect on the prostate function.

Also, pumpkin seeds are an excellent preventive against osteoporosis, which is a huge problem for women in menopause, but also for 20% of men over 50.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are an excellent natural diuretic and lower blood pressure.

Pumpkin seeds are a drug against intestinal parasites. Adults should take 400 g while children should take 200-300 g of fresh peeled seeds, chopped and mixed with honey. After half an hour one should drink castor oil for cleansing.

For treatment of wounds, burns or chapped skin folk medicine recommends pumpkin seed oil.

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