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What is the mouth ulcer?

Ulcer is a type of the formation which is, actually, the break in the skin or mucous membrane, which is filled most commonly with pus. It can be noticed easily because it emerges from the surface of the skin and it is often of yellow color.

However, when located on the mucous lining in the mouth, it can appear as one of the 3 most frequent types; the smallest, the medium ones (prominent, and of 10mm in diameter) and the largest. Logically, while the smallest ones can disappear on their own, the medical attention should be sought in the cases of the other 2 types, and the healing process usually lasts for a couple of weeks. Also, additionally, sometimes they can appear in the group. It is as well annoying that they can come back after some time, but it is a rare case scenario.

The female and younger population is more likely to be affected by these ulcers. Although, they are not among so serious health problems (they are not even contagious), these ulcers should be treated. First of all, in the case of the ulcers that are smaller than 10mm, one could speed up the process of healing by avoiding the sharp-edged foods, the hard brushes and by avoiding even the emotional stress, if possible. Also, there are some foods and drinks which can increase the risk of coming back of an ulcer, such as, for example; coffee, cinnamon, chocolate, nuts, lemon, oranges, and so on.

The traditional treatment

However, the treatment must be reinforced with the prescribed medications or certain antiseptic mouth irrigators bought in the pharmacies, if there is the case of somewhat bigger ulcer. The most popular irrigator is chorhexidine gluconate, but only the children who are older than two years and the adults can use it. Besides this irrigator, the most effective medication is the corticosteroid called Hydrocortisone and it is designed for lessening the inflammatory process, which, therefore, lessens the swelling and the pain itself. This medication should be used at the very first stages of the development of an ulcer.

Of course, the medications for the reduction of pain are commonly added to the treatment, and the mostly used is the benzydamine. This drug is intended for the topical use and it should be applied for less than one week. At this point, it is also important to point out that special precautions must be taken in the case of pregnancy.

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