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We will talk about a very interesting topic for males and females and it is connected with the contractions. We will try to explain what sensations and emotions they produce and what they feel like. This will be of particular interest to women, since the majority of them will probably experience this and they would want to see what they should be expecting. On the other hand, males will never experience this but due to this, they also might be interested in this topic. We have all seen movies in which a woman is screaming in labor pain, which is something all future mothers are most afraid of. They are never pleasant and no mother would want to go through this pain and experience unless the prize was that great, which is why every woman finds the strength to overcome this situation. Labor pain is a very traumatizing period for the family and the pregnant woman.

First, we will see what contractions are, before we see what they feel like. The uterine muscle relaxes and tightens and this is what contractions really are. This largest muscle found in a woman does this periodically. Oxytocin is the hormone released by the pituitary gland and this causes the tightening of the uterine. The contractions start as a cramping sensation that goes from the back to the front resembling a wave. The thickening and tightening of the upper uterus is achieved by the contractions that initiate the labor. The baby is then moved to the birth canal from the uterus due to the relaxing and stretching of the lower uterus part and the cervix. The labor pain is not felt during the whole delivery. In every five minutes, women will experience one minute of serious pain.

What Do Contractions Feel Like?

Most women describe them as gas pains and cramps similar to the menstrual cramps. But flu symptoms and intestinal problem may cause such problems and not contractions. They feel like a wave that moves and when it reaches one point, the wave causes immense pain, after which the pain will decrease. The manner of transition we have mentioned, from back to front, is not felt all the time. Also, the time between labor pains will shorten. See a gynecologist if you are having contraction with 5 - 7 minutes apart. This is a very natural process and women should be relaxed as much as they can. But since the labor can last for even 15 hours, this may be hard to accomplish. Remember that contractions are shorter during the second pregnancy. No matter what you go through, you will surely be very satisfied once you see the result of your "tormenting experience".

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