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Pain under shoulder blade

Pain in this particular area is considered as one of the hardest to manage. This is because the shoulder blades are connected with lots of muscle groups and because of the fact that the location is quite unreachable for a person to deal with, but there are ways to handle this problem.

The first thing a person should do is to check if any of the work he or she is doing is affecting the painful area. If there is, a person should try and avoid it for some time or at least do it as little as possible. Another thing that is really important is rest. A person should rest as often as possible. He or she should do so by lying flat on the floor. Stress is another factor that contributes to shoulder plate pain. A person should try to worry less. This goes for both mental and physical stress. Exercising is another way to get rid of the pain or to at least lessen it. Putting ice packs on the inflamed area two or three times per day for about 15 minutes should help as well. Hot packs can be applied too. They dilate the muscle fibers and blood vessels and by doing so they ease the passing of blood and oxygen. People with weight problems will feel the pain in this area more often than those with normal body weight. The reason for this is simple because the weight itself is a load for the body. A person should talk to a nutritionist and introduce more vitamin C and D supplements as well as some minerals into the diet like calcium and phosphorus. A person should even consider including more protein and carbohydrates.

Alternative therapies

If a person is considering the alternative therapies, he or she should try Yoga. Exercises that are being done in Yoga will revitalize the tired muscles and even make the back muscles stronger. For those who experience shoulder blade pain because of stress there is acupuncture. Acupressure will lessen the pain as well.

Of course, a person can always go to the physician in order to get a prescription for certain medications that will help ease or get rid of the shoulder blade pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the ones that are included the most in the process of easing the pain. Steroid injections are an option as well because they reduce the inflammation. Therapy that includes shoulder rehabilitation is an option as well as surgery.

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