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There are a lot of causes of the pain in the right side of the chest and they can be either serious conditions, or just some mild and usual chest related problems. But, in any case, people feel obligated to seek medical care, because chest pain often reminds them on the heart attack, or something equally dangerous.

The conditions that often lead to the pain on the right side of chest are usually certain inflammations. The most known inflammatory processes that tend to cause this kind of pain are those of the liver, gallbladder (the membrane of the liver), the pleura and the inflammation of the stomach (also known as gastritis).

Beside the inflammations, this kind of pain can often be caused by other health problems of various origins. Those health problems can be of the following: the digestive tract problem, pancreas dysfunction, gastro-esophagal reflux (GERD), and even the injury of that area and the over-exertion of the chest musculature. But naturally, the causes can be more serious such as a viral infection. Among them, one of the most dangerous is Hepatitis with all of its types. It attacks the liver, and if someone suspects this disease, further tests are recommended.

Also, the triggers of the pain of the right side of the chest can be trivial, but should be treated right away. Such a problem is the blockage of food in the esophagus (the tube that connects pharynxs and the diaphragm). It is good to mention that the type of pain depends on the organ from which the pain comes. For example, every organ has its typical and recognizable pain.

To determine the cause of the chest pain, a patient usually must undergo a variety of the tests, such as the tests of blood, x-rays, CT scans and likely others. But first the specialist must conduct an interview with the patient in order to know all the details, which sometimes can be enough for making the precise diagnosis.

The points of origin of the pain can be very diverse. It can be related to different bones of the body (for example: ribs and spine), muscles (from the chest, back and the stomach muscles), organs, skin and the nerves, even the sac in which the heart is placed and aorta.Rarely, any of these conditions can be fatal, but of course, one should not ignore certain signs which indicate the existence of some disease and one should take proper care of himself and seek medical attention.

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