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Chest pain can occur without any prior symptoms and it can be caused by many conditions. When experiencing chest pain people tend to think they are having a heart attack which leads them instantly to their doctors, but this is not always true. The reasons for chest pain are numerous.Symptoms, features or intensity of pain vary according to the cause.

People who are feeling chest pain caused by heart conditions are feeling pressure in the chest, searing pain which usually irradiates towards the left arm, the jaw or sometimes shoulders or the neck. Depending of a disease it can last until your are admitted at hospital and treated with medication or it can stop and then occur again later. People may even feel nausea, dizziness or sweat a lot. The cause is in most cases hearts attack, a condition which is related to blockage of arteries of the heart. Angina pectoris represents a condition in which heart arteries are narrowed by a plaque, a formation made of cholesterol. This formation can eventually block the blood flow or the problems can develop when a person suffering from angina pectoris is under excessive physical strain.

Prinzmetal\'s angina (coronary spasm) if a form of the same disease where plaques do not have to be present but arteries tend to reduce their volume hence lead to pain. Other cardiac causes include aortic dissection, pericarditis, the inflammation of the sack surrounding the heart, myocarditis , which is the inflammation of the heart caused by infectious agents, or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Digestive causes of chest pain lead to some specific sensations such as feeling of burning behind the chest bone, or a sore sensation when food regurgitates from the stomach into your mouth. The pain can change intensity in different positions, or if you take a deep breath or even cough. Aditionally troubles with swallowing can occur. Your chest may be sensitive if you push it. The cause of heartburn is hyperacidity where stomach acid returns to the mouth from the stomach and irritates the throat. Oesophageal spasm is another condition which is presented with constriction of oesophageal muscles while swallowing. Different conditions of gallbladder or pancreas (such as stones) can also lead to chest pain. And there are hiatus hernia or even achalasia as less possible reasons.

For people who are having chest pain, suffer from heart conditions or it is possible they are experiencing heart attack it is crucial to call emergency medical help instantly and not to try establishing the diagnosis themselves. It is recommendable not to drive cars on your own but to leave that to other people since excessive strain can make the condition even worse.

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