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Tearing of the cartilage and recovery

After each instance of injury to the meniscus, there is always a period when the tissue recovers and heals. This time can vary significantly, and there are different factors which have an impact on how long a damaged joint will need to recuperate. Some of those factors include the age of the patient and the approach to treating the problem. This article will try to provide you with further info on the recuperation process of tearing of the meniscus.

Torn meniscus is among the most typical afflictions that strike the knee. After the injury has happened, the person will experience pain in the affected area, and sometimes even restriction to their ability to move freely. Meniscus is a tissue of cartilage that cushions between the ends of two bones. It is true that sportspeople usually suffer from this kind of injury. However, it is not restricted only to them. What sets off this type of injury is a mechanical injury or wearing of the tissue due to frequent and prolonged use.

In case the cartilage in the joint is thinned down or disappears in some spots, the bone endings start rubbing against each other while the person is moving, and since this is not a natural condition serious problems spring up. Since complications can occur, it is of utmost importance to seek professional help as soon as the problem is noticed. There are different choices related to treating the injury, and they determine the time of recovery which follows.

Options for treating the meniscus

In case a person has their meniscus ripped, there are two solutions for taking care of the problem – having a surgery, or opting for a non-surgical approach. After the physician has performed all the necessary examinations of the injury, they will be able to determine which kind of approach is the most suitable for the individual. However, note that surgery is usually avoided if it is possible and non-surgical methods are favored.

After having a surgery, a typical patient will recover for some four to five weeks. In the instances where the torn spot of the meniscus is in the middle of the joint, the surgery is much more difficult to perform, and therefore the period of recuperation is longer. After the operation is performed, the patient is advised to abstain from walking and other activities for a couple of days.

Injuries that are taken care of without surgery take around the same time, with the patient taking some time off from activities for four to six weeks. After they are finished with the treatment, they will need to follow the rehab exercise plan after the pain is gone and they seem to have healed.

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