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A study that was conducted by US leading sociology professor Julia McQuillana at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln suggests that one fourth of US women in childbearing years have not yet decided whether they want to have children or not. A study was performed on 4000 sexually active women in age group from 25 to 45.

71% of women who participated in the research said they are not trying to conceive, while only 6% of them said they are trying to conceive a baby. What about the rest of the group? Almost 25% of them? Well almost one fourth of women said they are okay either way to get pregnant or not getting pregnant. Sociology professor said this information is very important in further cultural and sociology related studies, and by my opinion it could have an impact on politics of the country at least it would be wise from politicians to observe the option of women in childbearing years.

Julia McQuillan claims the group of women who are okay either way to get or not to get pregnant should be assessed separately from women who are trying to conceive as well from those who are not trying to get pregnant. Especially doctors should pay special attention to this group and they should keep themselves aware that the group exists. These women are less intentional about getting pregnant and for sure they aren't preparing their bodies for pregnancy. However, they should if they are feeling comfortable with getting pregnant they should be treated as if they are trying to conceive. They should be given child-protection tips, including limiting alcohol intake and having preconception folic acid intake levels.

In addition to the information above, 60% of the women from the researched group are not mothers (do not have children) and they were trying to prevent pregnancy by using some sort of contraception, while 14% of these women (that do not have children) said they are trying to conceive. In this category of 60% women without children more than one fourth of them (26% to be accurate) said they are comfortable either way - to become mothers or not.

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