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What is nummular eczema and what are the main symptoms?

Nummular eczema is a skin condition that is usually chronicin nature and that manifests through a very itchy rash and lesions that appearon the skin resembling the shape of the coin. The lesions usually look likesmall bumps on the skin, and sometimes they ooze for a few days, after whichthey turn to crusts and later become brown. The average size of the patches isfrom 2 to 10 cm, and as for their number, they may appear as a single one or asseveral of them together. It takes time for them to disappear, and the neededtime differs, though in some cases it may even take a whole year. Over thatperiod, they may get better, or they may worsen.

Besides itching and thesepatches, other symptoms that may be experienced are inflamed skin, redness andeven burning sensation. It is important to say that activities such as bathingworsen this condition, and the same effect have certain detergents, soaps,fabric softeners, because they seem to irritate the skin, which is usuallyalready dry.

Why does it occur and can nummular eczema be treated?

The reason why nummular eczema occurs has not beenidentified yet, but it is known that it may appear as a side effect of certain medications,though this happens very rarely. Also, it seems that there is some kind of aconnection between this disease and dry skin, which makes people with dry skinmore prone to nummular eczema. Even though eczema is generally triggered bysome kind of an allergic reaction, this is not the case with this type ofeczema. They certainly can worsen the condition and the symptoms, but they definitelycannot cause it.

For now, the cure for this uncomfortable and annoying skincondition has not been found. There certainly are ways in which it can be keptunder control and they include the use of cortisone ointments or injections,though it is important to keep the skin moisturized and lubricated, and to avoid the use of thesubstances that might irritate the skin even more. When it comes to thecortisone ointments, they have to be prescribed because they are very strong,and for the same reason they should not be used in the parts of the body suchas face, armpits, and others areas where the skin is too sensitive.

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