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Moredangerous than people are aware of

Quite often women do show more propensities towards visiting beauty salons for the purpose of getting their manicure or pedicure than doing this in the comfort of their home and by themselves.However, a fact that many women are not aware of is that visiting suchplaces can be quite dangerous due to the fact that there is apossibility of contracting a rather severe nail infection, fungal innature. And as many women know, this can bring quite a havoc in theirlives, and what is even more concerning - it can ruin their nails in thelonger run.

Thisfact has reached the public after many experts and researchers havediscovered that, even though many beauty salons are immaculate andspotless, quite a substantial number of them does not pay muchattention to hygiene all together, thus creating more than favorableenvironment for fungi to thrive in unobtrusively.

Oneof the suggestions that a number of experts regard as important is doingmore research and discovering as much information as possible on thisrapidly growing industry, which is known to provide service formillions of people worldwide. Testifying to this is the fact that thecitizens of America have been so generous, even in 1995, spending asmuch as 5.2 billion dollars on nail related services. In addition,there were 34,000 registered nail salons. However, in the last yearalone they increased in numbers significantly – as much as 2,000.In the present day in America, known to be fully operational are as manyas 50,000 salons, with people giving away staggering 6 billiondollars on both the care and products.


Interms of the service most frequently provided in the aforementionednail salons and the one topping the list is certainly artificial-nailservice. Right below are such services as nail jewelry and nail art.But one of the quite concerning facts is that all these services can,besides the looks, 'treat' one with an extremely severe nailinfection, fungal in nature. The infection in question occurs mostfrequently in older people, and is highly contagious, meaning that it canspread to an entire family in just a matter of days.

Whenit comes to manicure and pedicure, the first thing that is performedis cuticle removal. This, however, proved to be quite a bad ideabecause it has been discovered that such an action can induceinflammations, as well as a number of unwanted infections of thesurrounding tissue and root of the nail, bringing about long-term andpermanent deformities of the person's nail(s). In addition to this,another thing that one should pay close attention to when visiting a nail salon isthe cleanliness of their instruments.

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