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Nothing sells like sex or drugs for sex and the young former Indian farmer Kunnath C Abraham knows that very well. He is the one with a bit more foresight: he knew that drugs like Viagra should run into a wall because of the many health concerns these drugs are associated with. And this is exactly what happened to sex related drugs, especially in India: their sales have dropped. At this time Abraham was interested in a herb called safed musli, which represents a huge surplus in Kerala with and there are no takers.

The herb is known for its reputation of having the power to cure male impotence, which is the reason Kunnath C Abraham decided to take his big chance in pharmaceutical business. He gathered a small team and they created Musli Power Extra, which is a concoction of nine Ayurvedic drugs including safed musli. The invention in a form of Musli Power Extra was followed by one of the loudest ad campaigns that the ayurvedic OTC segment has seen in recent years. The inventor does not promise instant cure: a notable improvement can be noticed within 3-4 days, but he suggests a minimum course is 90 capsules, over 45 days. Priced at par or more with Viagra clones, each of these capsules bring in Rs. 25 in revenue to Kunnath, which is approximately half of a dollar. But unlike Viagra clones that can be bought even one-piece, Musli Power Extra s smallest pack is of 30s, costing a neat Rs.750 (approximately $17).

Additionally, Abraham has also won in the last round where it was tested whether his campaign of selling a cure with advertisements is permissible under Indian Law, by quickly dropping the impotence-cure tag and adopting vitality instead. The entrepreneur was seen when he used name musli instead of safed musli which is not in the country's official Ayurvedic pharmacopeia, and when he settled with Pfizer over using their trade name Viagra out-of-court.

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