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Mouth ulcers, or as medicine call them aphthous ulcers, are white painful spots surrounded with the redness inside your mouth. They are extremely painful especially when you eat or brush your teeth.

A person can have from one to five mouth ulcers at one point. They are annoying but harmless. They normally heal in about ten days.

We all had mouth ulcers in our lives but it shows that some people are especially prone to them. If a person is younger he or she will suffer more from mouth ulcers. Once you turn 40 you will find out that they no longer emerge on your lips (or do not emerge so often).

There are numerous reasons for getting mouth ulcers.

In some cases mouth ulcers run in the family.

The usual cause for mouth ulcers is constant stress and lack of certain vitamins or minerals in blood. If a person is anaemic that is lacks iron, folate or vitamin B12 he or she tends to have recurrent mouth ulcers. If a person does not have enough zinc in blood he or she will also suffer from mouth ulcers.

Not sleeping enough hours as well as irregular sleep can also lead to mouth ulcers.

Sometimes a small injury such as biting your own cheek or aggressive teeth brushing can cause mouth ulcers.

Women are more susceptible to mouth ulcers before they reach their menstrual cycles.

Even though usually harmless, constant and recurrent mouth ulcers can be sign of more dangerous conditions such as coeliac disease. If you suspect that this might be the case visit your physician.

If you are elderly or a heavy smoker or alcoholic and you have a mouth ulcer that lasts longer than three weeks, visit your doctor immediately. There is a slight possibility that it turned cancerous.

There are several medications that you can purchase without prescription to treat mouth ulcers.

One of them is chlorhexidine gluconate mouth rinse which you can use two times every day. Do not use this solution too long since it can leave stains on teeth.

When choosing toothpaste make sure it does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

You can dissolve dispersible paracetamol in a cup of water and hold it in your mouth a little bit to numb the pain from mouth ulcer.

There is a mouth ulcer liquid rinse or gel that has anaesthetic component, which you can purchase in every pharmacy.

Prepare a chamomile tea leave it to chill and gargle it.

Make sure to stay away from spicy, salty and sour food and food with sharp edges such as crisps since you can irritate your already painful mouth ulcer.

If you decide to visit your physician he or she will probably give you a corticosteroid paste.

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