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What Is a Mini Stroke

Mini stroke, however benign it might sound, is quite a dangerous health condition. Namely, it is caused by a short depletion of blood to our brain. However, even though the effects of this mini stroke last for about a day, it can be an ill omen since it might be the first sign of something going wrong with your health. Therefore, a mini stroke is not to be ignored. On the contrary, it should be further looked into and the causes of it should be treated before they trigger something far more serious anddeadly.

Symptoms of a Mini Stroke

Since, as it was stated above, this condition takes place due to a decrease of blood delivery to our brains, the cause of this problem is usually a constricted blood vessel. Therefore, the signs of this condition may vary, depending on the clogged blood vessel in your body. So, if, lets say, a center in your brain which is in charge of your vision gets affected by this condition, you are likely to suffer from temporary blindness during the course of your mini stroke, the same goes for other body parts and organs. Still, some of universal symptoms of a mini stroke involve the following.

Usually, during a mini stroke, one part of your body feels numb. This happens due to the fact that not enough blood is delivered to the part of the brain which is in charge of this portion of your body. Another clear sign is speaking comprehension difficulty. Namely, if you are incapable of understanding what other people are talking, you might be suffering from a mini stroke that very moment. What is more, your own speech might be affected, making you unable to open your mouth, even though you have all the necessary sentences and concentration in your mind. Naturally, dizziness can occur in these situations, accompanied with vision problems. Additionally, you might experience mobility issues, finding it hard to walk or move certain limbs.

There are many things which can lead to mini strokes and most of these are related to your unhealthy lifestyle. Stress, hypertension, smoking and alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, excessive body weight and many other factors may be responsible for this warning sign of your health. Therefore, as soon as you start noticing the symptoms, you are to seek medical help and look into the cause of the problem, treating it before the damage becomes worse, or even deadly.

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