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A New Side of Meditation

We all know that concentration is amust while meditating. Without concentration, meditating would be thesame as sitting in a corner, taking a nap. This is due to the factthat people, once in silence and feeling comfortable, not doing asingle thing, tend to wander away, start daydreaming, before they actuallystart dreaming. What is more, this happens often at meetings, in school andin similar situations which demand attention without any involvement.Therefore, you are bound to have difficulties listening and payingattention when you are in a cozy, relaxed environment, forced to besilent and calm, since you will instantly get sleepy and distractedby your own thoughts.

Many people do the same whilemeditating. However, this is a wrong thing to do. Meditation, asmentioned above, needs you to focus. Thus, sleepiness and napping arenot a part of meditating, nor will they ever be. You need to be ableto concentrate on each part of your meditation sequence in order tomeditate successfully in the first place.

Tips and Tricks for MaintainingAttention When Needed

The first rule of meditation is torelax your muscles and yourself in general. This is good for stressremoval. However, it is bad for your concentration. When you are inthat boring meeting mentioned before, you may keep yourself moreawake by placing your body into positions you are not used to.Namely, you might cross your legs the other way around, often change your hand and arm position into a complete inversion of it etc.Also, if you usually lean forward in your chair and rest your elbowson the desk, you might do the opposite and lean back into the chair,placing your hands on the sides. Every unusual position for your bodywill keep you more awake since it will not feel comfortable as itusually does.

The same goes for meditating. Insteadof doing it the same each and every time, introduce some changeswhich will give rise to your attention levels. For example, beforeyou indulge into your meditation process, sit in a way which makesyou feel a bit uncomfortable. Then, you will not be able to wanderaway in your thoughts. Rather, you will pay more attention to thevery process of meditation. All in all, you are capable ofelaborating on this subject on your own. Basically, all you need todo is make yourself feel less comfortable in order to increase yourattention. This way, you will be more alert both when at meetings andwhile meditating.

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