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All women who are trying to conceive are urged to have a look at their health and lifestyle, and to stop any bad habits they may have. Quitting smoking before pregnancy is pretty common, and most women stop drinking alcohol when they decided to try for a baby. You may even temporarily say goodbye to coffee. How about marijuana?

Medical opinions on the use of marijuana vary immensely, and there have been many studies with various outcomes into the topic. Some are, as always, completely contradictory. On the whole, studies into the effects of marijuana on a fetus, and later the child, conclude just about this:

Smoking marijuana during pregnancy doesn't cause preterm labor, poor fetal growth, or anything else directly related to complications during the pregnancy itself. Exposure to marijuana in the womb does impact brain development, and has an effect on the concentration and brain function of children later on.

Other studies found that prenatal exposure to marijuana can lead to leukemia later in life. Then there are the marijuana fans who think that there are benefits to smoking marijuana, and that the risks are not real at all. The truth is that there is still a lot to be discovered about how marijuana and the active substances in it affect babies. In any case, there are a few more things to take into consideration when it comes to smoking pot when you have a baby on the way. Let's bring the bullet points on again:

  • Most marijuana sold today isn't pure weed, and contains lots of other stuff that may be bad to inhale.
  • Think of pesticides, chemicals to make the drug more addictive, and other drugs.
  • Smoking tobacco during pregnancy is dangerous, and although this is much less of a taboo, the negative consequences are well-studied and well-known.
  • Most marijuana users combine their pot with tobacco, so they are adding the dangers of smoking during pregnancy to the dangers of weed.
  • Finally, marijuana obviously alters your state of mind. This may get you into situations that are dangerous for you and your baby, like driving while stoned, or even falling over!

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