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Mariah Carey, a singer with a beautiful voice and Nick Cannon, comedian and rapper, are married for 2 years now, but they want to bring a new member to their family. Mariah, older than 40 years hopes to become a mother for the first time. Mariah was seen at a Los Angeles area fertility clinic and people assume she is undergoing infertility treatment. Some magazines already reported Mariah is already undergoing a course of hormone supplements to increase her chances of pregnancy, I suppose they are talking about ovulation-inducing drugs.

There is no word on whether she is planning to undergo in vitro fertilization, but if she is undergoing hormonal therapy, it is very possible she will soon be on schedule for IVF. Hormonal therapy is an important part of IVF process as means of preparing body for IVF treatment, so yes, the IVF is not out of a question. However, there is no word on whether her husband Cannon who is more than 10 years younger, is also undergoing fertility treatment. Celebrity magazines report that Mariah Carey would do absolutely everything in the world anything it takes to have a baby. They also report that she is never going to be content until she finally becomes a mother.

If we judge what they had said in the past, the couple is eager to welcome a new member to their family and to finally become parents. They both said that becoming parents is the priority number one and that they are absolutely ready to start raising a child. Cannon said that they want to make sure everything is out of the way and that we don t have any distractions. So, let's give them, and especially Mariah, peace people for some natural or artificial baby-making. Good luck, guys! Wish you all the best!

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