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Managing Diabetes

Kidney failure, vision problems, high blood pressure, nerve damage and cardiovascular diseases are some of the potential complications of diabetes so you can see why it has to be treated. Diabetes cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be controlled with the use of diet, medications and exercising. This is why diabetic medical supplies are very important and the following text will talk about them. If you are trying to manage your diabetes, the first thing you need to do is get a quality blood glucose monitor. Diabetes would not be manageable if these devices haven’t been produced. Blood glucose level needs to be checked by diabetics every day, from three to seven times.

Diabetic Supplies

Pharmacies do have this type of device, but diabetic medical supply companies that can be found on the Internet may be a better choice. They provide the option of becoming a supply tester, and if you become one, you will get a blood glucose meter for free. So you can save from 70 to 100$, since this is how much they usually cost. Blood glucose monitor is very important but it would not be as useful as it is without the alcohol wipes, lancets, test strips and other diabetic supplies.

Treatment of people with type 1 diabetes greatly relies on the insulin. If you need to manage your insulin, you will have to do few things and the first and probably the most important one is administration of insulin, which you will have to do on your own. You will have to be able to do this. Insulin can be administered in several ways and for this, diabetic can use jet injectors, pen injectors, insulin syringes, insulin pump or an infuser, but remember that the needles have to be changed frequently.

If you are have diabetes, you will have to learn to do all of these things on your own and the Registered Nurse will teach you how. You will get this help at the doctor's office but know that you will be left on your own after the learning ends. You will have to learn everything then and use the knowledge on your own.

At least once a month, a diabetic has to go to the pharmacy and stock up with supplies and pay with his own money, and then send the receipt to the insurance company so that it is reimbursed. But know this may not be needed since direct delivery to your home is a service some insurance companies provide.

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